Mission Statement


We believe that music is a gift from God, and that the truest expressions of this gift bring glory back to Him.

We desire to be able to provide opportunities for homeschooled students to develop their gifts and abilities in the area of music in a setting that embodies Christian principles and beliefs, treating one another with the grace and truth that Jesus Christ has shown to us.

Our hope and desire is that as they grow in their musical abilities, that students will not only grow personally, but use their gifts to bless others. With this in mind, we commit to the mission statement that follows.

Mission Statement

HSMA exists to make an excellent music education in ensemble performance available to homeschooled students and to give desiring students the best possible foundation for the furtherance of their music education beyond the high school level.

We will do this by:

Providing experienced and accomplished conductors that can help students to improve and grow musically as a group while caring for them as individuals

Offering band, choir and orchestra ensemble groups at various levels, providing an environment where students can continue to be challenged as they mature in their music

Offering performance opportunities in ensembles at concerts and ministry events

Encouraging students to include private lessons as part of their music education, knowing that as each individual improves, it improves the groups at HSMA as well

Making students aware of and encouraging them to participate in events outside of HSMA that will further expand their musical experiences

Making leadership, volunteer and service opportunities available for those students who seek to grow in their servant leadership

Recognizing students who have gone above and beyond in their musical education and/or abilities, which in turn both helps such students as they pursue musical opportunities beyond HSMA and gives younger students something to aspire to

Providing a safe and encouraging environment for students to be amongst their musical peers, learning from, serving and being challenged by one another

Fostering a love of music by having fun together and encouraging comradery and friendship amongst the students and conductors

Encouraging parents to be involved both in the music education of their children and in the successful operation of HSMA

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