Home School Music Association


HSMA Payment policies for the 2019-2020 year   

Registration fee: $15 per student (once per year)
In addition to the per-student registration fee:  

Semester Tuition (per semester)   

1 Student $80.00
2 Students $155.00
3 Students $225.00
4 or more Students $290.00


                   Multi-Program Fee (per semester)   

1 Student $20.00
2 Students $40.00
3 Students $60.00
4 or more Students $80.00

 Payments can be made via check, money order, or Paypal.  We no longer accept cash payments.

 Payments via Paypal can be made to Roger.annis@homeschoolmusic.net for an additional fee.  

$0.00     –   $99.99     =  $5.00 fee

$100.00  –  $199.99  =  $7.50 fee

$200.00  –  $299.99  =  $10.00 fee

$300.00  or  more    =  $15.00 fee


Important Dates: 

Monday, September 30th – First Semester tuition due ($25 late fee applied after this date)

Monday, November 25th – All First Semester charges due ($25 late fee applied on any accounts with an unpaid balance)

Monday, December 9th – Account must be paid in full for participation in HSMA Concerts  


Other Important Notes: 

Alumni without younger sibling in HSMA in the same home: Registration Fee + ½ the above tuition.

Older (graduated) siblings/parents of registered students living in the same home: No Registration Fee, no tuition.

Tuition is due at the beginning of each semester, and all fees should be paid off at the end of each semester. By paying at the beginning of the semester, you save yourself the $20 finance fee per semester for paying over time.

Questions or feedback? Let us know at our contact page!