Home School Music Association


HSMA Payment policies for the 2023-2024 year 

Registration fee: $20 per student (once per year)
In addition to the per-student tuition fee:    

Semester Tuition (per semester)     

1 Student $95.00
2 Students $185.00
3 Students $270.00
4 or more Students $350.00


                  Multi-Program Fee (per semester)    


1 Student $20.00
2 Students $40.00
3 Students $60.00
4 or more Students $80.00

                   Students in Chancel Choir or Symphony Orchestra $10 additional fee per semeseter    


 Payments can be made via check, money order, or Paypal.  We no longer accept cash payments.  

 Payments via Paypal can be made to Roger.annis@homeschoolmusic.net for an additional fee.   

$0.00     –   $99.99     =  $5.00 fee  

$100.00  –  $199.99  =  $7.50 fee  

$200.00  –  $299.99  =  $10.00 fee  

$300.00  or  more    =  $15.00 fee 


Important Dates and Refund Policy:   

Classes are free for the first two weeks so you can try them out (but you still need to register so we know who is attending.)  Payment will be due on the third week by mail or PayPal, and a late fee will be charged after that.  Talk with Roger Annis if an extended payment schedule is needed.  If you need help with tuition please contact us as we have options available. 

What is going to happen this year is uncertain and there is a possibility that HSMA may need to shut down like last year.  Much of our money is spent “up front” for building rental, music, etc.  If we close down during the first semester, second semester funds will be returned on a prorata basis depending on how much we’ve spent.  If a shutdown comes in the second semester, there may not be any money left to distribute.

Other Important Notes: 

HSMA Alumni: No Registration Fee, no tuition. $10 if you want a rehearsal shirt.

Older (graduated) siblings/parents of registered students living in the same home: No Registration Fee, no tuition. $10 if you want a rehearsal shirt.

Do you have more questions about HSMA? Let us know at our contact page!