2024 Artist Circle Honoree, Sean Smith (Percussion)

Sean started studying music at the age of seven receiving private lessons in both violin and piano. Later he joined the Lazet Music Studio, and HSMA as a percussionist in 2019. He enjoyed playing for Mrs. Hammar’s Concert Band through 2020.  When HSMA’s full programs resumed in 2021 Sean enthusiastically joined the Symphony Orchestra.  He has participated in YAC’s Solo and Ensemble Festival in 8th, 10th, 11th and 12th grades receiving superior ratings in all events, and passing Proficiencies I, II and III in both snare and mallet percussion.  This year he received perfect 50’s on both of his solos.  He and his fellow marimbists performed an ensemble for three marimbas, playing Saint Saëns’ Danse Macabre, arranged by Mr. Butler for which they received a superior rating.  

He has also been an HSMA Honors Recital participant the last three years.  He received YAC Honors Orchestra nominations three times, and this year was nominated to play for the Outstanding Soloist Competition as well as the Recital Showcase for the marimba trio. His love of practice earned him HSMA’s Hermit Award for Symphony last year.  He has also been an orchestra pit member for three Home School Performing Arts productions.

Sean plans to continue studying percussion, playing in ensembles, and participating with HSMA as an alumnus. He has an interest in learning arranging, composition, and other aspects of instrumental music.  He hopes to play in future pit orchestras for HPA.  Sean also plans to open a studio this summer and offer private lessons in addition to working on his family’s farm, all Lord willing.

He would like to thank his family and friends, his trio members, Miss Grace Johnson, his teachers, Miss Kara Damon, Mrs. Maryann Hammar, Mrs. Laura Lazet, Mr. Jim Butler and Dr. Steven Wulff for inspiring him to play good, true, and beautiful music.  Most importantly, he hopes that God will be glorified in his playing tonight and in the years to come.

HSMA’s Artist Circle is an honor awarded to one grauating senior who has passed proficiencies, met requirements for practice minutes, displays Christlike character and is nominated by a conductor.  The student then has the privilege of playing a concerto of their choice with the Symphony Orchestra at the spring concert.

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