Dress Code

Rehearsal Gear

Students can wear any official HSMA t-shirt (the first one comes with registration; after that, they are $10 each) to rehearsals. Students may wear jeans or slacks, or shorts or skirts that come below the knee when sitting. Jeans may not be ripped, and leggings may not be worn without a skirt.

Concert Dress

Senior groups are Symphony Orchestra and Chancel Choir.

Women in senior groups – Black dress, nude nylons, black closed-toed shoes.

Men in senior groups – White tuxedo shirt with black studs (please wear a white t-shirt underneath), black tuxedo pants, black bow tie, black cummerbund, black socks, black dress shoes. 

Women in all other groups -Blue HSMA concert shirt, black skirt (past knees when sitting), nude nylons, black closed-toed shoes.

Men in all other groups – Blue HSMA concert shirt, black slacks with black belt, black dress shoes, black socks.


**Please arrive to concerts in full concert dress**

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