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Online Classes for Spring 2021

Please Note: while registration will remain open, if at all possible please register by January 11th so we know if we will have the minimum number of students needed for each class. Classes will start the week of January 18th.

Also note that the General Music program has three levels (Music Readiness, Elementary Music and Music Fundamentals) that share core instruction in common. There will be a single general registration and students will be placed into the appropriate level by instructors after discussion with the parents.

The situation is similar with Music Theory. All students will simply register for Music Theory and will be placed into beginner or intermediate based upon their experience.

Music Readiness

Target Student: Music Readiness is geared toward 2-5 year old non-readers – Parental help required.
Description: Students will learn good practice habits, musical staff, basic note values and rhythm patterns, the musical alphabet and solfege will be introduced through games and exercises. This is a super fun way for children to be introduced to music!
Instructor: Rachel Dugan

Elementary Music

Target Student: Elementary Music is geared toward 5-7 year old beginning readers –  Some parental help required.
Description: Students will learn good practice habits while being introduced to a wide variety of music. The student will be introduced to the major instrument families, will learn the staff and note values, through games and exercises, and printable packet materials.
Instructor: Christina Blackburn

Music Fundamentals

Target Student: Music Fundamentals is geared toward 7-9 year old students and parental help is minimal.
Description: Students will spend time exploring sound, musical genres and instrument families. Students will experiment creating instruments and composing a short piece. They will also study music theory, and be introduced to songs in two parts.
Instructor: Christina Blackburn

Music Theory

Target Student:

Beginning Theory is aimed at any student that has not taken music theory before or needs to brush up on the fundamentals. This class is ideal for anyone who has no experience reading music.

Intermediate Theory picks up where Beginning Theory leaves off.  Students can sign up for “Music Theory” and will be placed into either beginning or intermediate depending on their experience.

Description: The key to learning basic music theory is to learn and use the same systems that all musicians use. Music is a language and like any language you need to learn the basics to be able to “speak” effectively, including scales, intervals, chords, and key signatures.

Instructor: Pat O’Donnell

Music Appreciation

Target Student: Music Appreciation is targeted at junior high and high school students, as well as adults.
Description: This course is an excellent first step to exploring music, and how we define what music is. It will cover Western culture music from early era’s to today, music from around the world, and across all genres. You will learn how to discuss many types and genres of music using a musical vocabulary.  Exploration of forms and styles will enhance our discussions, as well as the practice of using critical listening skills.
Instructor: Elizabeth Dugan-Shomsky

Discovering God in Classical Music

Target Student:  Discovering God in Classical Music is an upper level course targeted at high school students, as well as adults.
Description: Students will be presented several pieces of great music, with the purpose of examining their histories and discovering elements of music that can inspire us in our relationships with the Lord.
Instructor: Jim Butler

Fees for online classes


HSMA fees for Fall 2020 online classes only

There will be a flat $60 fee per student per semester to register for online classes. The fee is regardless of how many classes are taken, but is per student so if one student takes multiple classes, it is still only $60, but if multiple students are attending it will be $60 for each student. All classes are for Fall semester only. Spring classes (if offered) will be determined later in the year
Fees for online classes are independent of any in-person instruction and classes are open to anyone that is interested, not just those involved in our various HSMA groups. We will require a minimum of five students per class to be able to offer them and will confirm the classes that will indeed be happening once we know.

Due date and refund policy

All fees are due by the 2nd week of classes. At this time there is no multi-student discount and fees are the same for adults and students. No refunds after the 2nd week of classes. By the 3rd week a late fee will be assessed.

Payments can be made via check, money order, or Paypal.  We no longer accept cash payments. 

Payment of fees may be mailed to:
P.O. Box 171
St. Johns, MI 48879

Payments via Paypal can be made to roger.annis@homeschoolmusic.net for an additional fee.   

$0.00     –   $99.99     =  $5.00 fee 

$100.00  –  $199.99  =  $7.50 fee 

$200.00  –  $299.99  =  $10.00 fee 

$300.00  or  more    =  $15.00 fee

Questions or feedback? Let us know at our contact page!

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